Hosting Music in the field with Tony Hadley in 2019

Hosting Music in the field with Tony Hadley in 2019

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I’ve been a full time self employed DJ, event host and entertainer since the year 2000 running very different events for Adults or Kids and mixed family events.

As a teen in the 90s I volunteered at special needs play schemes and loved the role of playing music and leading the entertainment. I now run my own regular public SEND events tailored for kids, teens and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities

At 13 years old, I started work with Mix 96 in Aylesbury, presenting movie reviews, sports reports & news items. I was also the Mix Monster character at public events

Since 1997 I’ve DJ’d in night clubs & bars at RAF Halton and large scale ball events across the country for the RAF, Army and Navy.

I love the wide range of events I get to run in VERY different styles!

My kids shows are very different to my adults shows.

I am still a full time DJ and host for public events, I host regular Radio Shows for Aylesbury’s Local Radio Station Bucks Radio. I also record voice overs for various companies and you tube channels.

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