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DJ Dan Blaze - Professional DJ, Event Host & Entertainer  “This is my full time job, Not an occasional hobby” - Since yr 2000
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Please Note: All bookings are secured with a signed booking form and return of a deposit. Requesting a quote does not secure a booking. I will never make a booking in person at another event. I am not a booking agent so unless otherwise stated I host all parties myself. In very rare cases if I need to arrange cover I only use established professional experienced DJs & Hosts. In which case you will be notified in advance. Any prices detailed on this website are based on bookings in local venues. A fee may be added for events over 30mins drive from Aylesbury.

Smart layout to fit in with  any wedding décor.   Very quick set-up & pack down.

By night The Battle Zone is lit up with colour changing LED lights & A light up Ammo box.

1 Rule: Don’t shoot people!

Unless the bride wants to

shoot the groom. That’s fine.

Though I did insist he wear the safety glasses!

Inflatable game with moving target balls floating on air 1 Rule. Don’t shoot people. But they’re safe soft (Nerf) foam darts if / when they do…

The Battle Zone

Foam dart shooting game

Great for Adults & Kids events!

Weddings, Summer & Christmas Balls etc…