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DJ Dan Blaze - Professional DJ, Event Host & Entertainer  “This is my full time job, Not an occasional hobby” - Since yr 2000
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Adding Karaoke to your event -

My custom built DJ system allows me to display song words on screen during a disco. This gets whole crowd singing along.

With your permission, I can hand out some cordless microphones for the guests to pass around. So if I’m playing a Queen song who better than Freddie Mercury as the backing singer! This is an extremely popular aspect of my shows because if the guests struggle to hit a note the original song fills the gap and the dance floor is never cleared by a duff singer

Kamikaze Karaoke Game:

This novelty is great for corporate events, or any karaoke night. I invite confident singers sign up to sing but my music computer selects 5 songs completely at random, the guest then sings one of the 5. This is great fun for everyone else to watch as the singer only learns the 5 songs once they have stepped up to sing. I engage the crowd to cheer along for their favourite of the 5 random songs.

Karaoke Competitions

Whether for a single pub night, national competition or guides jamboree…

I set-up a waiting area, lighting display, professional sound system, microphones, TVs and and where possible a glitter curtain to step through for a ‘stars in their eyes’ Moment! Singers sign up in advance and receive info packs with tips and tricks to bring more supporters to cheer them on (and buy drinks) a really fun noisy night.  The judging criteria I have worked out make judging a fair balance between singing ability and ‘performance’ to give a better show for the audience than people stood on the spot singing.

Sing-a-long fun! The original song but with the  words on screen makes great scenes like this  when everyone can see the words to sing a long!


I have a unique style of including a sing-a-long!

Who better to be your backing singer than the original artist!

Karaoke Song BookA 50th Birthday Karaoke Party where  every other song was Sung by the crowd!Top Of Page

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Get A Quote Thank you Wingrave !!! This 80s Party Night was One of my favourite events ever!  5.5 hours of partying hard to 80s classics! I've hosted the Wingrave school discos for 12 years+  & the grown ups are just as much fun as the kids! I play at The Goat Berkhamsted  Each Bank Holiday Sunday Please feel free to join me from 8.30pm