The Battle Zone

Foam dart shooting game

Great for Adults & Kids events!

Weddings, Summer Ball even

Christmas Parties!

2 package options

Add on to an Entertainment Package  -   £100

Hire as an entertainment package - £200

I’ll come along and run a party for 2 hours hire

with music & prizes for high scorers,

12 nerf guns (Various types), 1000s foam darts, & All safety gear.

deal for small groups upto to 10ish of ANY age

6m x 3m needed so great for garden parties!

Smart layout. Quick to set up

LED lights & A light up Ammo box

Very easy to use & reload

Inflatable shooting gallery game

Moving target balls float on air

1 Rule. Don’t shoot people. But they’re safe

soft (Nerf) foam darts if / when they do…

Summer 2020

Garden Party Package Available

2 hr Garden Party Package £100

Inflatable Target Range - 12 Foam Dart Guns

Safety Glasses - 1000s of Darts

Background Music

An Attendant To Assist & Give Prizes To High Scorers!

You can also use your own Nerf Guns

Contact Dan for more info & to book




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This is my full time job, not an occasional hobby

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