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All bookings are secured with a signed booking form and return of a deposit. Requesting a quote does not secure a booking. I will never make a booking in person at another event. I am not a booking agent so unless otherwise stated I host all parties myself, in very rare cases if I need to arrange cover I only use established professional experienced DJs & Hosts. In which case you will be notified in advance.

*Any prices detailed on this website are based on bookings in local venues.

A fee may be added for events over 30 minutes drive from Aylesbury.

- Dan.

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If you book a Children’s party with me ‘I do all the work’ when it comes to the entertaining, but I can offer some helpful suggestions to make other aspects much easier for you too.

The snack break is ideal after the first hour, I can recommend hot dogs, they’re cheap very quick to make and the kids Love Them. But Remember the Veggies!

While the kids are still at the table we sing happy birthday with the cake & candles, then you have the chance to cut the cake up for party bags during the second half.

Name stickers are a fantastic way of helping keep track of each child for me and you I carry boxes of large white stickers which you are welcome to use free of charge.

I ask you please do not put out loose balloons on the floor for games show parties as I have a well practiced structured plan to get the teams playing games but loose balloons around a hall are a real temptation for balloon rugby and banged heads.

I don’t usually play pass the parcel, only as I do so many parties I’d spend my whole life wrapping up gifts. But if you would like to include it at your party I’m am happy to play it, if you provide the ‘parcel’. I can also provide a pinata stand if you need.

I recommend you invite no more than 30 children for a bouncy party as the inflatable comfortably holds 10 children while the rest get involved with games or balloon modelling, too many more means I may not have time to make them all shapes to take away. But for games show parties the more kids the better! Games show parties have NO limit on numbers!

I suggest not putting out too many chairs for older kids parties.

I don’t provide face painters but I can recommend some if you are interested.

If you have any questions about any aspect of your party plans please feel free to drop me a message  -Dan