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I’ve hosted the entertainment for several thousand parties hopefully these suggestions & hints may be of use to you.

2 hour show times

I keep the kids occupied for an hour of singing, dancing & games and with the under 5s bouncy disco, bouncing and balloons shapes.

After an hour the kids have a quick drink & snack, I’ll keep the kids busy at the table throughout making a few spot prize balloon models.

The type of snack is entirely your choice of course but I recommend hot dogs they’re cheap, quick to make, minimal waste to tidy after and the kids love the novelty. But Remember the Veggies.  

I’ll help serve your with my ketchup guns!

When they’re almost finished with the snack I’ll lead the singing for Happy Birthday as you bring out the cake & candles.

Then I take them back for more games & challenges giving you the chance to cut up the cake during the second half.

Just before the end there are candy floss give aways for all guests (included free if you’ve ‘liked’ my Facebook page)

Then I rally the kids together for you to take a group photo.

Check with parents as they arrive that the group photo is OK for social media shares then everyone can enjoy.

I’m happy to chat over any ideas you wish to discuss, Though I don’t stray far from this very well practiced plan as it works every time.

Please don’t put out loose balloons on the floor for games show parties loose balloons always prompt balloon rugby and banged heads.

For obvious safety reasons the bouncy disco party package has a limit of 25 children aged 5yrs and under for safe bouncing and so each child can receive an impressive balloon model.

Games show parties have NO limit on age mix or numbers!

I suggest not putting out too many chairs for older kids parties and you may want to consider banning mobile phones.

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