Nerf Party Plan

Timings as above but with different games, challenges & Nerf Pinata finalé, rather than candy floss.

But you can add candy floss as an optional extra too.

Kids Party Timings

& Helpful Hints

Colouring Competition

Download more designs for free  < here >

Send me a photo and you could win a prize!

Games Show Party Plan

I split the group into two teams using coloured stickers. The birthday child is a team captain & they choose the other captain. For joint parties they’re both team captains!

For under 5 yrs I may not use teams

For the first hour I lead the group in my own brand of games, challenges, singing & dancing (with optional karaoke & games for older groups)

At the half way point you serve a drink & quick snack,

I recommend hot dogs as they’re quick, cheap and easy to tidy up, plus the kids love the novelty. I’ll take care of serving your Ketchup with my legendary Ketchup guns!

I keep the kids entertained at the table during the snack modelling 2-3 giant balloon shapes for spot prize winners from the first half (Always including the birthday child).

As the kids are finishing their snack you bring out the cake & candles. I’ll lead the singing of Happy birthday then I take them back for more games & challenges.

We end with a dancing competition in which they all win a candy floss prize. Once I've made candy floss for all, I rally them together for you to take some group photos.

Check with parents as they arrive that it is OK for you to share photots on social media.

Finally I swap the used candy floss stick for a hand wipe and they're free to go

I’m happy to chat over any ideas you wish to discuss, but please understand I don’t stray far from this very well practiced show plan as it works every time.

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